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10 most sexy men Instagram

You can see endlessly not only on fire and water, but also on impeccably dressed men. We chose the ten most stylish men’s Instagram-accounts and offer them to your attention.

Adam Gallagher

Account: @iamgalla

Subscribers: $ 1.9M

Adam started his blog about fashion and travel when he was 17 years old. Over the six years of’s existence, the popularity of the attractive New Yorker (and the repeated nominee for the prestigious bloglovy award Bloglovin Awards in the category “The Best Male Fashion Blog”) has grown to the skies – the best brands of men’s clothing and accessories offer him contracts.

Galaker prefers classics to catchy chaotic casual – often in his pictures in Instagram Adam wears shirts of muffled tones, fitted jackets and elegant coats. Constantly winding up from New York (born and raised there) to Los Angeles (having spent his youth there), Galacer tirelessly takes pictures of the amazing places that meet him on the way, and also does not forget to dress stylishly, in order to please his without five minutes two million people.

Nick Worcester

Account: @nickwooster

Subscribers: 699 thousand

Even if you do not understand anything in the men’s fashion and even if you are not interested in this sphere, we strongly recommend that you periodically look at the page to the streetstyle icon – the magnificent Nick Wooster. More than 25 years, Worcester worked for the most luxury

American boutiques. The list includes Barneys, Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman, as well as the fashion brand Thom Browne. At one time a talented creative worker also appeared in the lists of employees Calvin Klein and Polo Ralph Lauren.

Worcester is famous for his love for swirling mustaches, tattoos and tightened jackets. It is worth zafollovit at least for the sake of his pretentious comments under the pictures.

Stefano Tratto

Account: @stefanotratto

Subscribers: $ 1.2 million

Another admirer of twirled elegant barbels lives in Italy, in the small resort town of San Remo.

Stefano Tratto caught the attention of the public first with his tattoos (mirror-reflected roses on the biceps and tattoo A part of me on the chest) and specially curled mustache, which became his recognizable chip.

Stefano also fell in love because of his free casual style. Leather jackets, jeans, tight trousers and stretched T-shirts – all this can be found in his images. And necessarily a good expensive watch.

Travis DesLaurière

Account: @travbeachboy

Subscribers: 545 thous.

Yes, yes, especially for you, we found the same guy from a photo with a big and fat red cat. If you have not seen this picture – it means everything in your personal life is good and on February 14 you celebrated in the company of your second half, if you know this photo, welcome to the club of singles.

To clarify the situation, we will explain that the real boom of this photo, which depicts an inflated, attractive young man with tattoos and holds his cat Jacob on the outstretched hand, happened just on February 14 this year – many single girls “gave” Travis and his cat a friend friend.

In fact, Travis is not just a phenomenon of the day of all lovers, but a professional model, a popular instager and part-time author of the book about himself beloved.

Patrick Janeel

Account: @aguynamedpatrick

Subscribers: 452 thousand

The very first winner, perhaps the most prestigious nomination in the world of Instagram and all sorts of blogs, the CFDA Fashion Instagrammer of the Year is not just a guy with an ideal sense of style and a drop of New York originality. Patrick Janel is a graphic designer who once, unexpectedly for himself, opened Instagram and uploaded the first photo. He liked the idea of ​​the application, so he began to shoot everything: his small but cozy New York apartment, friends, office, directly to New York, and, perhaps, sometimes to upload pictures of himself.

People quickly liked his style of account management. Attention to detail, a fresh look at things and love for everything that surrounds him, simply fascinated the public – the life of Patrick was gradually followed by more than one thousand people. At the moment, Patrick is still engaged in graphic design, develops his Instagram, and also works on launching his own application about cocktails and bartender art The Liquor Cabinet.

Broderick Hunter

Account: @broderickhunter

Subscribers: 88.5K

In the summer of 2016, the prestigious men’s magazine GQ called Hunter “the most stylish model in Instagram.” Nobody even argued, it’s the way it is. Hunter – the owner of an attractive appearance, an inflated body and a good character. He jokes, piercingly looks at you through the screens of smartphones and often poses for all sorts of magazines and fashion brands.

Hunter is constantly traveling around the world, but most often is a guest of Milan, Los Angeles,

New York and Miami, as it is in these cities that the model agencies representing this handsome are located.

Jon Cortayrena

Account: @kortajarenajon

Subscribers: 1.1 million

If you are a Spaniard – 10% to success to you. If you are a Spaniard with bright sparkling eyes, a charming smile and a muscular body – another 50% in the piggy bank. Well, if you are still called

John Cartagena, consider, we surrender without a fight. John is one of the most popular mannequins at the moment and, in combination, also an actor. He participated in the advertising campaigns Just Cavalli, Versace, Giorgio Armani, Bally, Etro, Trussardi, Diesel, Lagerfeld, Pepe

Jeans and many others.

John’s career began at age 17 when, at a small show in Barcelona, ​​which John agreed to visit for a company with a friend, he was spotted by an agent and literally convinced to try to build a career in the field of model business. And then a month later John was on his way from Bilbao, his native city, to Paris, signing his first contract with Just Cavalli in parallel.

Trevor Stuurman

Account: @trevor_stuurman

Subscribers: 83.5 thousand

The elegant and simultaneously explosive positive style of this South African blogger-photographer simply will not leave you indifferent! The name of the guy who proved that there is a fashionable life on the African continent (or even a fashionable elite?) – Trevor Sturman. His Instagram is always full of colorful photos, on which not only he is captured, but his native Africa and life around him. Everything, from local people, kind of food and colorful houses, you will find in his account.

David Gandy

Account: @davidgandy_official

Subscribers: 687 thousand

Do not even think about asking who David Gandhi is. You missed a lot in life, if you have never looked at Instagram this handsome. David started his modeling career back in 2001, being the 21-year-old winner of the contest, the main prize of which was a contract with the model agency Select

Model Management. In the world of skinny models, Gandhi quickly took his exclusive “muscular” niche – designers (starting from the great Italian duet Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana) simply could not pass by.

Gandhi is recognized year after year as the best of their best, contracts so far (to David 36 years old) are pouring in tons, and the number of subscribers is growing as quickly as the muscles on the body of this successful British are getting stronger.

Johannes Huebl

Account: @johanneshuebl

Subscribers: 914 thousand.

Johannes Hubel is not just a demanded model of the agency IMG Models, but also the other half of the pair “Olivia + Johannes”. Yes, yes, that’s right, this handsome man is the actress’s husband and the model of Olivia Palermo.

A couple often travels the world, making beautiful pictures, regularly visits fashion weeks from season to season, and often collaborates with world brands (from simply loves Tommy Hilfiger).

Surprisingly, Instagram Johannes, numbering almost a million followers, practically does not contain any production shots from the shootings, here, on the contrary, a collection of everything natural and genuine is collected: nature, beloved wife, food and stunning views from luxury rooms of five-star hotels.